Ag Expo

Join us at KP 4-H Ag Expo 2022!

August 5 – 7, 2022

Soldotna Sports Center

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Expo Sponsorship Packages:

The Chickabitty, 50
Sponsorship at this level is a great way to help us with advertising, print costs, and it may even help us purchase a chicken pen! Business name included in advertising!

The Turkey Trot, 100
Turkey Trot sponsorships make it easy for our turkeys to show off their tails in their new shiny pens. Your sponsorship will help with that, as well as with advertising, print costs, and Expo supplies! Business name included in advertising!

The Sleek Saddle, 250
Sleek Saddle sponsors may just be the ones to help us with our equine displays and shows! Let us print your logo on our advertising and print material!

The Pig Pen, 500
Our pig pens are a pretty big deal round here; a sponsorship at this level helps us keep em fancy and pretty for the public! Pig Pen level sponsors will see their logo on our advertising and print materials, and you may even spot a sign at the Expo with your name on it!

The Cattle Drive, 750
Just like the herd of longhorns thundering across the plains, our Cattle Drive level sponsors will cover great distances in a short amount of time. Sponsors at this level   will see their logo on our advertising and print material, will spot their name on a sign at Expo, and we’ll even gift ya with a coffee mug for the ride!

The Mustang, 1000
Our Mustang sponsors provide the strength and speed to bring educational programs and activities to the Expo. You’ll see your name and logo on our materials and a sign at Expo, and we’ll make sure your flowing mane looks majestic blowing in the wind under a 4-H sun visor.

The Show Ring, 2500     
Sponsors at this level are show stoppers in the spotlight. We’ll put your name and logo on all our ads and print material, we’ll hang a sign for ya at Expo, and we’ll make sure you have a fancy new 4-H showman’s shirt to help you shine!

The Hay Field, 5000     
Every ranch needs a hayfield, and sponsors at this level will find themselves surveying the land with pride. Our Hay Field sponsors will see their name and logo throughout the building, and we’ll make sure you’ve got a fancy new 4-H trucker hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.

The Gallop, 7500     
Our Gallop level sponsors help us run our race and get us to the finish line. Sponsors at this level will show up to Expo flashing a shiny new belt buckle while their name is flashing on the marquee out front.

Ma, I Bought the Ranch, 10000  
If you’re one of the sponsors that can say Ma, I Bought the Ranch, we’re excited to show ya off and we’ll help that along by having your name on the marquee one whole day of the Expo, and by donning ya with a fancy 4-H Coat and a shiny new belt buckle.


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